Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sals first solids!

Salam da lame jek aku wooo skrg...dgr2 nnt department aku cuti akan dibekukan hjg tahun...aku kena plan aa cuti aku nmpaknyer~ t la aku pk2 kan nak amek cuti bile.
Hehehe..melencong plaks! ohya aku nak bgtau korg yg nak tahu aa..Salsabila dah pandai mkn biscuits! Congrats my dear baby bear! Alhamdulillah~
She gobbled down half of the rusks! Thanks Heinz for making a great rusks! So...i hv nothing more to are her photos for you guys to enjoy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bulan Ramadhan...

Hm...Salam semua...thn ni Bln Puasa leh kata aku msk 95%....aku xbeli pon food luar...macam best lak msk...dlm proses tu aku dpt tau yg Acab suka aku mkn mskn aku - wlpn xsdp..hehe~ Aku harap leh la aku teroskan semangat masak memasak aku neh! (Chayok2!)

Ada skali aku p berbuka..Salsabila bising btul dia...melebihkan org yang berbuka..ramah...tegur suma org yg melintas kat meja..huhu...dapat lak kurma atas meja..dia p ketuk sampai lunyai...diambil nangis...makan kurma lunyai la Babanya...

Aku da xtau la tulis pe lg...oh ya! Aku da dpt rumah impian! Rumah utk aku berlindung sekeluarga kat Bukit Kemuning...Sapphire Homes. Hm...agak jauh ngan bandar tp ok. Rumah cantik dan aku hdp aku da hampir sempurna...ada Ibu dan abah sekeluarga dan Mertua sekeluarga sayang dgn aku anak beranak. Alhamdulilah...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Slice of Joy~

My cheeky daughter - Salsabila Asyraf
Her journey.....The labor pain starts as early as 2am, 3rd of February 2010. I thought it was just another false I just ignore the pain and shut my eyes close...later the pain came every half an hour. I went to the bathroom having thoughts - maybe I've ate something I sat on the toilet seat-the pain gone..Hm...I stand and turn back to flush but...I saw something....I'm bleeding....OMG! She's coming out!
I then called my husband whom busy watching Chelsea vs Hullcity - Abang! Org rasa..Salsabila da nak kuaq...I'm bleeding!. He leap off the couch and head to me and says - Nak pi skrg ka?. I looked at his face and suddenly felt pity on him... Hi's a great fan of Chelsea...and I think maybe I can wait till the game finishes. So I told him that I can wait. (For the record Chelsea 1 : Hullcity 1) - Hahahhaa~ After the game we head to the nearest Mamak stall, Fazlina Maju - since my mom advises him to force me to eat as I will be needing the energy later. I ate whole Roti canai and drank Horlicks! (trust me this two dish really provides me the energy!). We went to Hospital Sungai Buloh and checked in. They checked and told me that it has opened 4cm already! I was damn happy knowing Salsabila is ready to join us! ^_^ But my smiles ended as the contraction grew harder. I walk in and out...meeting my husband.. mom..cik mah.. cik yah outside....then they checked on me again and confirmed that the opening has increases by another 2cm. I went out to get the necessaries but saw no sign of my husband. I asked my mom and she told me that my husband went home to take a bath. I rang him and asked him to turn as Im going into labor in next few hours!
As they push me inside the labor room..the pain grews to the max! I was sreaming like hell..hahahha my mom told me not to do so-its embarassing but hey! Its painfulllllllll!!!!!!!!!!
Then they poke the water and checked again - 10cm....its time.
They called my husband and he was there..holding my hands..supporting me..I've done it wrong for the first few attempts. But somehow Allahhelped me and gave me the strength to do it correctly. I did the first "push" and the head came out...I was soo happy and gathered all the strength I've left and gave another push and swoosh she goes! Gliding off and according to my husband right after she glides she cried! It was a sign of a healthy baby. The nurse lifted her up and showed me - there she sweet lovely Salsabila...looking at me.....She was the most beautiful creature I've ever seen in my whole life...and she's mine....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kak Yan N Ek da kawen~ 22/05/10
Kamar Beradu